Big City

image imageLong trek today of just under 20 miles made more difficult by thick, wet fog as I hiked over the Sierra Atapuerca down towards Burgos. Burgos is a vast city of almost 200,000 residents and about 2.5 miles from one end to the other. There are few albergue options along this section of the route so I and many other peregrinos are staying in small inns on the outskirts of town. Tomorrow I will explore a bit of the city and as I leave town will begin the walk across the Meseta (plateau) where I will be for the next few days. This area is described as a “sublime wilderness ” with few trees, little shade, and lots of grain (wheat, oats, barley) fields. My right knee is not being very kind to me but hope for the best over the next few days of relatively flat terrain. Missing Betsy (my wife if you don’t know me), Luna (our dog) and home life. But still enthralled with this pilgrimage.

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4 Responses to Big City

  1. hoffdog says:

    Senor Peregrino, Burgos tiene una catedral gótica muy bonita. Espero que puedas verla. Your trek reminds me of a famous poet from Castilla la Nueva (central part of Spain) named Antonio Machado. Buy a book of his translated poems if you can. One of his most famous poems is called “Caminante, No Hay Camino”. I send it to you hear with a translation that I don’t like, but the point is that you make your road by traveling and discovering. Plan as you might, your road (life) unfolds and you, my friend, are making that road quite beautifully. Here’s the poem:

    Caminante no hay Camino

    Caminante, son tus huellas
    el camino y nada más;
    Caminante, no hay camino,
    se hace camino al andar.
    Al andar se hace el camino,
    y al volver la vista atrás
    se ve la senda que nunca
    se ha de volver a pisar.
    Caminante no hay camino
    sino estelas en la mar.

    Wayfarer, there is no path

    Wayfarer, the only way
    Is your footprints and no other.
    Wayfarer, there is no way.
    Make your way by going farther.
    By going farther, make your way
    Till looking back at where you’ve wandered,
    You look back on that path you may
    Not set foot on from now onward.
    Wayfarer, there is no way;
    Only wake-trails on the waters.


  2. peggy says:

    OK I thought I was doing great meeting my goal yesterday of climbing Santiago Peak. You seem to do more than that EVERYDAY! Impressive my friend.


  3. lgossmic says:

    Santiago is a tough one especially when the sun is out.


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